Saturday, March 5, 2011


What I've changed;
  1. No moon at the beginning.(Mr.Loni said it's not necessary)
  2. Add Graphic emotions that pops out of each character's heart. (change from head to heart)
  3. In the world of Death - The grim gives the man three choices to choose; Heaven, Hell, and Back to Earth. Three choices are inside the elevator's door.
  4. Cut down to Two Obstacles - The rope is cut and the flower is not a flower but actually grim's hand.
  5. The umbrella will not pop out of the man head anymore, it will comes out from his heart.
  6. At the end- Holding a flower, the man stands where he was before.
Important Messages in the story
  1. The Ring Box keeps coming out of the man's heart which can be represents his love. Also, to show the audience that he wants to go back.
  2. The Sand Glass keeps showing up to tell the time the man has left. Also, to tell audience that Time never stops running.
These are my Two Plots which have different endings.
First one is a twisted ending(old), and Second one is a happy ending(new)
  1. Plot (1) - A man is hit by a car while crossing the street to propose a woman, wakes up in the world of death, fights to go back to earth, able to gets back to earth but then the woman is hit by a car.
  2. Plot (2) - A man is hit by a car while crossing the street to propose a woman, wakes up in the world of death, fights to go back to earth, and finally he can revive with the power of Love.
Some Important elements
  1. Theme- For plot(1) : Sometimes life is so unfair. Plot (2): Love conquers all.
  2. Situation- The man is going to propose to woman.
  3. Conflict- The man is hit by a car.
  4. Extension- The man climbs up mountain to get the flower of resurrection.
  5. Climax- The flower is not flower but actually a grim's hand.
  6. Denouement- The man feel so desperate. The ring box comes out of his heart. The man cries. Tear drops down to the ring. Magical happens. The umbrella of "Love" comes out of his heart.
  7. Resolution- He byebye the Grim and float down to the flower. He picks the flower and goes back to earth.

***I want to hear any comments about my overall story and especially the ending.
What do you think about my two endings. Which one you think is the best fit?

Many thanks :D

Thursday, February 17, 2011


***For the Grim, I will take his little umbrella off as the story was changed.
GOOD BYE my umbrella...;(

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



***For the Heaven scene, I will add particles on the cloud. Also, I will move the Heaven's door further away.
***For the Hell scene, I will add Fire on the Monster's head and the background.